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Lessons from a Two-Year-Old on Taco Tuesday

April 4, 2017

I knew when I became a mom that I would also, by default, fall into the job of teacher. However, I never considered that my daughter, with her limited toddler vocabulary, could teach me heart-changing lessons. This week’s “lesson from a two year old” couldn’t have come at a better time.

Our first wedding of 2017 is in just a few days and Hannah and I are beyond thrilled. We are SO EXCITED to dive back in to the hustle of a wedding day, and our busiest time of year. It’s such an incredible feeling to wake up every day and do what we love, with clients that we adore. However, at some point along the line I’ve forgotten to celebrate in that daily. In fact, I’ve forgotten to celebrate at all.

I remember in college there always being a reason to celebrate: taco Tuesday with my roommate called for a fiesta, finishing a paper meant a day of relaxation and basking in achievement (as if I’d just written a Pulitzer Prize winning novel). The first sunny day of the year merited a picnic in the yard, soaking up the much missed vitamin D. As “adulthood” kicked in, these micro-celebrations seemed less noteworthy and more juvenile. Life-changing events started happening for my friends and I. Graduations, weddings, babies; all of these huge milestones made dedicating a day of the week to celebrate a particular food of choice seem trivial.

That is, until my daughter learned her new favorite phrase: “good job, momma!” She isn’t stingy with her accolades and freely celebrates every single thing I do. Making her lunch gets me a happy dance and squeals of delight, as she claps and yells “good job, momma”! Giving her a bath, choosing her favorite movie, pushing her on the swing–these all bring the same level of glee and praise from my sweet girl. “Good job, momma”, is said at least 15 times a day in our household at the moment, and it stops me in my tracks every single time. It reminds me to celebrate insignificant events as if they’re milestones. It’s a reminder to celebrate every mile on the journey, and not wait until it’s complete. I don’t know how much longer this will be her new catch-phrase, but I hope it sticks around awhile. In the meantime, we’ll be over here celebrating taco Tuesday if anyone wants to stop by!

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