Love is the intrinsic motivator for all we do. It’s what drives someone to work overtime and save every penny, just to surprise their one and only with a ring that reflects the beauty of their love. It’s what pulses through a new parent, giving them the strength to make it through another sleepless night. It's love, grace, and compassion that make this life the beautiful adventure that it is. It's love that weaves together the tapestry of our lives and composes the songs of our souls. It joins families, communities, and cultures.

Love is why we’re here; on this planet and in this business. It’s also why you're here, checking out our work. You love someone, and you are looking for a way to forever freeze this feeling in time. If creating gorgeous reminders of this love is as important to you as it is to us, we would love to work with you. 

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in our backpacks

Hi! We're
Hannah &

Thanks for stopping by to check out our work, and congratulations on whatever life event has lead you here! We are Brittany and Hannah, a sister team, specializing in wedding photography (but loving on babies and families when time allows). 

We’ve been best friends since forever. I (Brittany) have always taken Hannah everywhere with me. The day that I got my drivers license, the person I was most excited to show was Hannah. That first day we drove around for hours listening to music that most kids her age didn’t even know existed, laughing and singing off key. {She knew every word to Dashboard Confessional’s album while her friends were still listening to Kids Bop. To this day, I still take credit for her terrific taste in music}. Even though that was a decade ago, I still remember the feeling of freedom and invincibility as “Bend and Not Break” played through the car stereo. In that second, we knew this was going to be a beautiful life we were journeying together. 

Through every season, we have rallied for one another. So it was only natural when I started Dear Grace that Hannah be right there in the passenger seat beside me. Having a camera in our hands has always felt like home. We grew up surrounded by generations of people who value photography, and taught us that memories are the most valuable thing a person can possess. We believe this with our whole hearts, and love to work with people who also believe it. While we’re shooting your wedding portraits, we aren’t just thinking about you. We’re also thinking about the generations to come, the ones  that because of these images will be able to cherish this moment long after the champagne has been drink and the flowers have wilted We believe that your memories matter, and because of that, our photography matters. 

playlists ranging from frank sinatra to drake
the Dunkin’ drive-thru
family traditions
obsessing over our plant babies
Gilmore Girls/Harry Potter
dry humor

early mornings
the day after holidays
unkind people
bad hair days

01. water bottle

Hydroflasks for life. That baby keeps our water cold through the hottest summer weddings. If we forget them on a Saturday, it's a bad bad thing. 

IN our BAGs

Buxom lip gloss and Lash Domination by Bare Minerals totally count as a full face of makeup most of the time. 

We probably can't tell you where it is in our bag, but we promise it's there. 

You never know when a wardrobe malfunction or hair catastrophe will occur. Having repaired more than one bridesmaid dress, we don't leave home without these. 

This answer is sort of cheating, since our equipment takes up several bags. However, there's a better chance than not that you will find Hannah with her favorite 50mm lens attached to her camera, and me with my beloved 35mm. 

02. lip gloss+mascara

03. iphone

04. sewing kit+bobby pins

05. camera equipment


WE BELIEVE that the golden hour is our daily gift 

because it allows us to see the world in a softer and gentler light. 

WE BELIEVE that it's good to be silly

because life is way too short to take yourself seriously all of the time. 

WE BELIEVE that travel is a necessity

because there's no better way to find yourself than getting lost some place new. 

For an estimate more specific to your vision, send us a message via the contact page. 

we would love to photograph the moments of your life like:

We love elopements & nontraditional weddings, and will work to customize a package that meets your needs. 

2022 wedding packages begin at $2,800. Please get in touch for more details. 

If you are interested in working with us, shoot us a message via the contact page to see our full collection options. 


What we offer



"guaranteed to make your day perfect.

Dear Grace Photography is a photographer, wedding planner, and a guest all in one. They're guaranteed to make your day perfect and do everything in their power to keep you and your wedding party on track. I couldn't imagine my day without them." >>David+Kristin 

Their words


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"Nothing short of wonderful.

Working with Dear Grace Photography was nothing short of a wonderful experience. The friendliness + professionalism displayed by both women was exactly what customers should experience from any business. We were incredibly happy with our choice for our wedding day, and thankful for the beautiful memories." >>Dawn+Tim

Their words


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>>Love to explore and aren't afraid to venture off the beaten path.
>>See the value and significance of your wedding photography.
>>Trust us to create something special for your day beyond the duplicated Pinterest board.
 >>Want a mix of candid and organically posed portraits.
>>Are excited for your wedding, but are beyond thrilled for your new marriage.

You might be a Dear Grace Couple if you:

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