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Love is why we’re here.

June 29, 2022

I used to think that aging was the worst. As I approached 30, I thought it was the beginning of the end, and thus complained dramatically to my parents. They assured me that my 30’s would be some of the best times of my life. They told me that I would learn what I liked, who and what was most important to me,  what I stood for and would align with. With age, I would develop the wisdom to care less about what I “should” be and focus on what I actually want to do and be.. I’m now a few years into my dreaded 30s, and am thrilled to report that I wholeheartedly agree! Since you already know the dynamics of our sister relationship, it’s no surprise that Hannah has grown with me, as well!  

As we’ve navigated these past few years of personal reflection, professionally Dear Grace has also expanded and grown. As a brand, we’ve locked in on who we are and what we have to offer. We know what we love shooting, the vibe we hope to achieve in photographs, and (most importantly) how we want people to feel while in front of our cameras. Through nearly a decade of collaboration, we’ve developed a deep level of mutual trust with our clients, and we cherish these relationships. All of this is why our Dear Grace rebrand is more than a new logo and aesthetic to us. It’s us stepping fully into the brand (and people) that we’ve worked so hard to become.

We know that growth and learning are critical.  We will continue working on becoming the best versions of ourselves (and Dear Grace) that we can be. We will keep pushing and stretching our creativity to produce art that evokes emotions. But for today, we’re here to celebrate the miles of love that we’ve traveled. Our brand feels like home, and we are so excited to share it with you.

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