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Aubrey & James {An Intimate Horseback Wedding- Wellsboro, Pennsylvania}

May 22, 2017

As we enter our third full wedding season, it’s safe to say that we have seen a LOT of awesome weddings. It’s always such a blast to see how our couples take all of the components of a “traditional” wedding and make it their own. We’ve seen super creative venues and decor. We’ve seen weddings with bridal parties of 24 and weddings were there were 5 people total in attendance. We’ve rode to weddings on yachts, limos, party busses, ferries, and ATV’s. We’ve loved being a part of every single wedding we’ve photographed, and the ceremony of Aubrey and James was no exception in this regard.

It was, however, different in almost every other way. There’s nothing we love more than something a little offbeat and adventurous, so when we received an inquiry asking if I (Brittany) was comfortable riding a horse, I immediately knew it was going to be awesome. I have very little experience riding horses, but that didn’t matter. I knew that I wanted to be a part of this.  {In fact, the last time I rode a horse I was in Spain and the horse only knew Spanish commands. I only knew English. You can imagine how well that went.}

Upon arriving to the starting point, we saddled up on huge, gorgeous horses and set off into the Wellsboro countryside {some way more gracefully than others–me being the non-graceful one!}. It was a day  off of a post card with rolling hills, painted blue skies, and a cool breeze.  I couldn’t help but think over and over how incredibly lucky I am to be able to experience  moments like these with our couples.

We arrived to the spot that Aubrey and James had picked for their ceremony, and Aubrey’s little sister tearfully lead them through their wedding ceremony. It was so perfect and heartfelt, it was hard to imagine anywhere more sacred for Aubrey and James to exchange vows than right there on that little piece of countryside. After the ceremony, we rode back to the stables even more lively than at the start of our journey.

In total, I spent about 4 hours with Aubrey and James. But I feel like we parted as old friends would. These relationships that we forge with our couples are life-giving and important, and I can’t imagine any other way that I would want to spend my days on this Earth than adventuring with incredible and authentic people like Aubrey and James. I don’t know where their lives will take them, but I hope wherever it is they can go by horseback into blue skies.


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