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Ethan + Bridget {Lancaster, PA styled wedding session}

January 31, 2017

I am so incredibly thankful for the growth of our business, but if we’re being completely real, it’s also hard. Going from shooting 8 weddings a year to 25+ has required us to learn a lot about running a successful business very quickly. Lately, the actual taking of photographs has made up a small percentage of the workload. Without a wedding every weekend, I feel a little like a fish out of water.

Thankfully, I have amazing support network that is always willing to play dress up so that I can work out some creative kinks. My brother in law and his stunning wife were married this past October in Lancaster and the Booking House. I was so honored to be a bridesmaid and stand beside them on their wedding day, but I have been dying to photograph her in her incredible dress for months. This weekend I finally got the chance! We convinced Ethan to dawn his wedding suit one more time, and we zipped around Lancaster County chasing the light. County Park and the Hans Herr house both served as a perfect backdrop in the January cold. Our bouquet of grocery store flowers did the trick, and we were able to create these gorgeous images. I can’t even describe how amazing it felt to get back into the flow, like a runner who finds his perfect pace or a painter who discovers the exact mix of colors for her sunset (even if it was for just a few minutes). Wedding season can’t come soon enough.

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