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Marrara’s Mountain Lodge Wedding: Erin+Mark

November 15, 2016

From the moment I first met with Erin+Mark, I knew that they were our kind of people. They shared with us our love of German Shepherd puppies, a wide range of music, and a great party. I also discovered that Erin had become friends with my dad through the local YMCA (which isn’t surprising at all since both my dad and Erin could make friends with anyone) and that they talked regularly about her wedding plans long before she had ever gotten in touch with us (what a small world, right!). Being a strong believer in fate, I truly think that we were pulled together, not only to photography their wedding, but also to become friends.

We couldn’t have dreamed of better weather, or more beautiful scenery. In the days prior, we had been hoping and praying that the leaves would hang on just a little bit longer, and they didn’t disappoint! We were blessed with warm sunshine and a soft breeze the entire day. Family and friends gathered to witness Erin+Mark exchange vows and promise each other forever. Laughter and happy tears both flowed easily as everyone in attendance celebrated together. We were truly thankful to be a part of their day, and can’t wait to watch their marriage (and their fur babies) grow over time.


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Venue: Marrara’s Mountain Lodge

Hair/Makeup: Debbie’s Sharper Image

Cake: Roxanne Mason

Dress: Miss Stella York provided by Diamonds and Lace Bridal

Catering: Mountain Top Catering

Flowers: Sweeney’s Flowers

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